Below is a summary of my training and habits progress from the previous week.

Key Goal Countdown + Objectives

  • 36 weeks until Cloudland Canyon 50 Miler (12/04/22)

Training & Health Wins + Losses


  • Successful finish of the Flipper Bend Half Marathon trail race on Saturday 03/26
  • 29 miles of running put in without any joint/muscle discomfort┬á


  • Came into the week beaten down after a weekend with visitors in town (too much drinking, eating out, etc). Overall recovery and energy was very poor heading into the week.
  • 1x lifting workout
    • The Saturday half marathon combined with me entering the week beaten up from weekend visitors resulted in a failure from a lifting perspective.
  • Healthy habits were poor this week and I did not hit my targets essentially across the board.
    • Really need to focus this upcoming week on my foundations (healthy habits + lifting).

Training Summary:

Day of WeekWorkout
Tuesday4 Mile Run (Zone 2) + Crossfit/Conditioning (Power Athlete Grindstone)
Wednesday6 Mile Run (Zone 2)
Thursday6 Mile Run (Zone 2)
SaturdayFlipper Bend Trail Half Marathon (13.1m)

Habit Scorecard

Habit# of Times Previous Week
Nutrition Plan3/7
No Alcohol6/7
Cold Exposure2/7
Mobility (20 Min)2/7
Drink 1 Gallon Water3/7

Whoop Performance

Heavy strain spike on Saturday 03/26 driven by Flipper Bend Half Marathon trail race.

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