When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, I went all in on building out a home gym and developing positive health habits.

The problem at the time was it was impossible to get workout equipment as there was such an inventory shortage. I basically ordered whatever equipment was available, which resulted in a randomly thrown together home gym.

I settled for a cheap squat stand and it actually worked out pretty well for over 2 years.

In 2022, the time was right for me to upgrade my squat stand and put together a real garage gym with a legitimate squat rack.

After researching many types of squat racks and different power rack variations, I made the decision that a fold back wall mount was the right choice for me.

In November of 2022, I made the decision to buy a Rogue RML 3WC fold back rack and make it the centerpiece of my newly outfitted garage gym.

In this article, I will highlight why I ultimately picked the Rogue RML 3W and the 4 main reasons I would recommend this folding squat rack to all home gym owners.

Who is Rogue?

Rogue is one of the most respected brands in the fitness industry. They are known for building top notch bombproof equipment.

Whether you are a CrossFit athlete, a strongman, a power lifter, or just a normal person working out in your home gym..Rogue is THE brand in the space.

Rogue equipment is definitely on the higher end of the market and many of their products are made in the USA at their Columbus, Ohio headquarters.

You can feel confident that anything shipped from the Rogue factory will practically last forever.

What is the Rogue RML 3WC Wall Mount Rack?

The Rogue RML 3WC is part of the Monster Lite rack series and is a squat rack designed to attach to a wall with mounting brackets.

While normal squat racks or power racks free stand in the gym, the Rogue RML attaches to a wall and can be folded to conserve space.

The rack can be both folded inward and outward which adds versatility depending on how your garage gym is set up.

Size Options

The wall mount rack has 2 inside depth size options which basically determines how far out the rack extends from the wall/mounting surface. The 2 sizes are:

  • 21.5 Inch Inside Depth: Best for someone with limited room and focused on optimal space efficiency.
  • 41.5 Inch Inside Depth: Best for someone who is not as worried about space and wants space in the rack to do exercises like kipping pull ups on the pull up bar

Ultimately – I went with the 41.5 inches as I was less worried about space. With that said, I do think the 21.5 inches would have worked for me and would be suitable for MOST people.

Key Features:

Part of the Monster Lite series, the Rogue RML 3W is made of powder coated heavy duty steel with laser cut holes. The wall mount rack is build rock solid with a extremely durable finish, just as you would expect from the Rogue brand name.

Some key features on the Rogue RML 3WC:

  • Monster Lite Compatible
  • Made in the USA
  • Weighs between 143lbs and 190lbs (depending on size selected)
  • 90.375″ Height


When purchasing the Rogue RML 3W, you are given a choice to purchase the optional stringers. The stringer is shown above and is essentially the base that holds together the wall mount rack. If you don’t buy the stringer from Rogue, you will need to have the rack wall mounted with your own supplies.

I highly recommend buying the Stringer Pair to make the wall mount installation much more streamlined.


Lastly, the Rogue RML 3WC offers custom color options, including 11 different color options at the time of writing.

The Rogue Custom Color choices range from black, bright green, bright blue, and every other color you can think of.

My Experience with the Rogue RML 3WC

Since I was building out a home gym and needed space for a car to potentially park inside every now and then, a wall mount unit was preferred to me over a power rack.

When buying a squat rack, the most important thing to me was a rock solid piece of equipment that had the versatility to do other exercises.

After researching for a few weeks, I ultimately went with the Rogue RML 3WC wall mount rack.

After using it for 6 months, here are the 3 key take aways from me:

The Rogue RML 3WC is a Space Saver

Optimal space efficiency was a key factor for me as I wanted to have the flexibility to park my car in the garage if I had to. I also wanted more space in my garage for other pieces of equipment and a floor area for CrossFit workouts.

Once I realized that a folding squat rack was an option, there was really no other choice besides the Rogue RML 3W.

After spending a morning installing the fold back rack onto the mounting surface (garage wall), the centerpiece of my gym was ready to roll.

My first impression was how easy it was to fold against the wall and how compact it was when folded. You literally pop out a pin (shown above), fold against the wall using the hinge brackets, and the rack is completely out of the way.

If you go with the 41.5 inch inside depth, the cleanest way to fold against the wall is by moving each upright to the outside. If you really want to fold both uprights inwards, the 21.5 option may be for you.

I leave the Rogue RML 3WC in usable position the vast majority of the time and only use the wall mount rack folding functionality if needed. This means I am essentially using it like a traditional power rack or squat rack, but I have the flexibility to fold it as needed.

Bottom Line – If you are building out your home gym and space is a key factor for you, the Rogue RML 3W or Rogue RML 3WC is the best option for you.

The Rogue RML 3WC is Super Versatile

The second best thing about this folding squat rack is the versatility you get with the different attachment options offered by Rogue in the Monster Lite line.

The RML 3wc Fold Back Rack have laser cut holes in them that allow for many different attachments, including:

  • Quick Attach Pull Up Bar (shown above)
  • Spotter Arms
  • Dip Stand
  • Storage Plates
  • J Cups (show below)

Rogue has an endless list of attachments that can be added to the Monster Lite line, so buying the Rogue RML 3WC will give your gym the option for tons of added equipment.

Note the pull up bar comes with the rack order, but the other accessories will be an additional cost and sold separately.

The Rogue RML 3WC is Built Rock Solid

Last but not least, my third favorite part of owning the RML 3WC Fold Back rack is simply the overall quality of Rogue products.

I hit on this a bit earlier, but Rogue racks (and all of their products) are extremely overbuilt and durable. All of their products provide optimal support and feel like they will last a lifetime.

It is impossible to put together a piece of Rogue equipment and not be impressed by the bombproof quality designed by their engineering team.

My first piece of Rogue Equipment was the Echo Bike and I was blown away by the superior quality compared to other Assault Bikes and Air Bikes on the market.

I can say with confidence that the engineering team developed an amazing product with the RML 3W wall mount rack and you will not be disappointed with the quality.

Bottom Line on the Rogue RML 3WC

Bottom Line..

I 100% recommend the Rogue RML 3W or the Rogue RML 3WC for anyone looking for a versatile squat rack.

The versatility includes the easy ability to fold the rack against a wall to conserve space. This takes literally seconds and can allow you to park a car in the garage.

Additionally, there are dozens of attachments that you can add to the wall mount rack on top of the pull up bar that comes included. I will be adding additional Monster Lite J Cups as well as the plate storage attachment.

While there are other wall mount rack options on the market, the quality and durability of Rogue products made this an easy choice for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I Buy it Again?

Yes – Without a doubt I would buy the wall mount rack again. It offers tons of versatility for a squat rack and is an amazing product.

If doing it again, I may consider getting the 21.5″ option instead of the 41.5″ inch, only because I didn’t truly need the extra space.

How Much Did My Setup Cost?

What is the Difference Between the Rogue RML 3WC and the Rogue RML 3W?

The only difference between the 2 is that the Rogue RML 3WC offers customized powder coated colored options. Everything else is identical.

Should I get the Stringer?

Yes – I 100% recommend buying the Stringer when purchasing this rack.

It makes installation much easier and ensures that everything is safely mounted against the wall. Don’t try to save $100 bucks and have an unsafe fold back wall mount,

How is the Pull Up Bar? Is it a Quick Attach Pull Up Bar?

The Pull Up Bar is rock solid.

You can customize the height by choosing whichever location within the upright you would like to use. It is Quick Attach, meaning you use the provided pins to secure the bar onto the uprights.

Should I get the 21.5″ or 41.5″ Inside Depth Size?

Most people can get away with use the 21.5″ size for this fold back wall mount.

The only consideration would be – If you are very serious about CrossFit and will be doing a lot of kipping pullups, you should go with the 41.5″ option.

Can you do Kipping Pullups or Incline Bench on the 21.5″ Size?

You can incline bench without issue.

Kipping pullups will depend on your height. I would error on the side of caution and get the 41.5″ if you are very serious about CrossFit.

Why Would You Get a Wall Mount Rack Over a Traditional Power Rack, Squat Rack, or Squat Stand?

A fold back wall mount is ideal for someone who cares about space. The Rogue RML 3WC allows you to fold against the wall and easily park a car inside of your garage.

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