The Ooler Sleep System by ChiliSleep is a device that allows you to control the temperature of your bed and is meant to improve quality of sleep.

The Ooler is designed for “hot” sleepers or those that struggle with being hot or sweaty throughout the night.

The Ooler Sleep System comes complete with the Ooler device, a mattress cover known as the ChiliPad, and a mobile App to control the temperature of your bed.

In November of 2020 I made the decision to upgrade my sleep environment and improve my evening habits with the goal of sleeping better. One of the big additions I made was purchasing the Ooler Sleep System.

Below is my in-depth review of the Ooler after having slept on it for 1.5 years.

Ooler Review

What is Ooler?

ChiliSleep is a company that specializes in temperature controlled technology that improves the quality of your sleep.

In recent years, the ChiliPad became quite popular amongst people focused on athletic performance as well as BioHackers. After hearing about it on many different podcasts (Tim Ferriss, etc), I decided to upgrade my sleep on Black Friday of 2020 and I purchased the Ooler Sleep System.

The Ooler is a device that uses water to control the temperature of your bed and improves your sleep quality by reducing (or in some case increasing) temperatures.

There are 2 main parts to the Ooler Sleep System:

  1. Bluetooth-enabled OOLER control unit:
    • The primary control unit of the sleep system, the Ooler is a vessel a little larger than the size of a standard shoe box.
    • The device is filled with water and plugged into a standard power outlet.
    • The water is temperature controlled based on the setting of your choice and is then pumped into the ChiliPad Mesh Mattress pad.
    • Temperature is controlled through the bluetooth Ooler App or is manually selected on the Ooler control unit itself.
  2. ChiliPad Mesh Mattress Pad:
    • A super thin mattress cover that is placed on top of your mattress and below your sheets.
    • The Chilipad mesh cover has internal tubes that allow the temperature controlled water from the Ooler to flow throughout the mattress.

After purchasing your Ooler, you will be able to download and activate the Ooler App that will be used to control the temperature of the device.

Within the app, choosing the temperature is as easy as sliding the temperature range from 55f to 115f. Additionally, you can set schedules that automatically update the temperature of your mattress throughout the night.

Who is Ooler for?

The overall goal of the Ooler is to control the temperature of your mattress, so anyone that sleeps either very hot or very cold would benefit from the Ooler.

The majority of people that make the decision to purchase from ChiliSleep do so because they are hot sleepers and have issues sweating throughout the night.

Instead of having to sleep on top of the covers or sleep with one foot outside the cover, the Ooler allows you to sleep cool and comfortable at the temperature of your choice.

What’s Included with Ooler?

When purchasing the Ooler Sleep System, you will get both the ChiliPad Mesh Mattress Pad and the Ooler Control Unit itself.

Below are the key components of each:

  • Chilipad Mesh Mattress Pad
    • Available in sizes varying from Half Queen to California King
    • ¼ Inch Thick Mattress Pad made out of 100% Polyester
    • Low EMF Transmission
    • Machine Washable & Tumble Dry
  • Ooler Control Unit
    • 15in x 10in x 6in
    • 30 Ounce Water Tank
    • Temperature Range: 55f to 115f
    • Annual Power Consumption: ~500kWh/year
      • FYI, On average, TVs consume 106.9 kWh of electricity per year, costing $16.04 annually to run in the US

Ooler Features

Below are the key features of the Ooler that you should understand prior to purchasing.

  • Ooler device can be setup with varying temperatures ranging from 55 degrees fahrenheit to 115 degrees fahrenheit
  • Multiple fan speeds can be selected to determine how quickly the unit heats up or cools down (Silent, Regular, or Boost). The tradeoff with faster cooling/heating is noise, so the “Boost” setting will be louder than the “Silent”.
  • The Ooler is Bluetooth enabled and the device can be controlled from the Ooler App
    • Temperature settings can be updated at the click of a button within the App
    • Sleep Schedules can be created to automatically have the Ooler temperature cycle throughout the night dependent on your needs
    • The App offers recommendations on how to set your Ooler Schedule and you can easily adjust as you see fit
  • The device also has a Deep Clean feature on the App that allows the device to automatically clean itself in about 45 minutes.
    • Note: The Cube Chilipad requires ongoing maintenance, including emptying of water and cycling of fluid in machine to keep clean.
  • The device has a Warm Awake function which is intended to replace a standard alarm clock with a temperature controlled “alarm”.
    • Within the Ooler App, you will choose a time to increase the temperature of the Chilipad which will naturally wake you up versus being shocked by an alarm clock.

What is the Difference Between the Ooler Sleep System and The Cube Sleep System?

The Ooler has traditionally been the premium sleep system offered by ChiliSleep compared to the Cube Sleep System (original Chilipad).

When researching which to purchase, I admittedly was confused on the difference and which I should go with.

Here is a quick summary of the Ooler vs. Cube Sleep System:

  • Both the Ooler and Cube use the same mattress cover (ChiliPad) that allows the temperature controlled water to flow throughout your mattress.
  • The Ooler is bluetooth enabled and the Ooler App is used to select temperatures and sleep schedules. Temperature can also be manually turned up/down on the device itself.
  • The Cube Sleep System is not bluetooth enabled. A handheld remote comes with the device and is used to turn the temperature up/down. Temperature can also be manually turned up/down on the device itself.
  • The Ooler App allows for auto-cleaning at a push of the button with in the App.
  • The Cube Sleep System requires manual maintenance every 1-3 months, including using a proprietary cleaner sold by ChiliSleep.

Bottom line, the primary difference between the Ooler and Cube is the ability to use the app (temperature control on the device, auto-cleaning).

The actual performance of the device itself and ability to control the temperature of the bed is the same between the Ooler and Cube.

Ooler Price and Value

In general, the Ooler is one of the premium products offered by ChiliSleep and will come at a higher price tag in comparison to the baseline offering (Cube Sleep System).

The higher price offers the ability to control the unit through the Ooler App.

For those that are price sensitive and do not have an issue with manually changing the mattress temperature, the Cube Sleep System offers very similar overall performance in terms of cooling/heating your mattress.

My Ooler Opinion and Experiences

Overall, the Ooler Sleep System has been a very positive addition to my evening routine and I would recommend this product for anyone that struggles with sleeping hot.

While this is a significant purchase and a luxury item, ChiliSleep offers great deals throughout the year to make it more affordable.

I purchased the Ooler Sleep System in November of 2020 and have slept on it for nearly 1.5 years.

After sleeping over 500 nights with the Ooler, I can say without a doubt it has improved the quality of my sleep and is a positive addition to my evening routine.

Any time I ever sleep away from home, I always wake up in the middle of the night either sweating or uncomfortably hot. The Ooler has caused me to take for granted how it feels to be comfortable throughout the night and I am always excited to get back home.

One important callout is that we have the Queen ChiliPad mattress cover, but have 1x Ooler Unit and 1x Cube unit (long story). Because of this, I have experience in sleeping with both the Ooler and the Cube.

Below are my most important takeaways for the Ooler Sleep System:


  • The Ooler is an amazing product for people that struggle being hot overnight and you can easily control temperatures and sleep as cool as you want.
  • In addition to helping hot sleepers (like me), the Ooler is also super nice for warming the bed prior to getting in via the Ooler App. This is particularly nice in the wintertime when the house is quite cold.
  • The Ooler App makes for very easy adjustments and the ability to set sleep Schedules. The “Warm Awake” function is also an interesting concept as you naturally wake up with the water warming.
  • The Deep Clean functionality within the Ooler App is MUCH easier compared to the basic Chilipad (manual cleaning required).
  • The ChiliPad cover is super thin, you cannot feel it on your mattress at all
  • ChiliSleep allows for flexibility to purchase a half size for only a portion of the bed (Me size). This means if only 1 person wants to use the Ooler, a half mattress portion is supported.
  • ChiliSleep offers good deals throughout the year (Black Friday, etc)
  • The Ooler requires minimal maintenance (<15 min effort every 1-2 months to refill water if needed or initiate deep clean on App)
  • Affirm can be used to make monthly installments interest free
  • 30 Day Sleep Trial money back guarantee


  • Significant cost with a retail value ranging from $800-$900 for a half mattress and $1,500-$1700 for a full mattress
  • The unit itself takes up space and could be an eyesore unless you have a place to put it
  • Dimensions are 15in x 10in x 6in and it must be placed near the bed to work
  • If buying for the entire mattress, factor in the need for 2 full units (1 on each side of bed)
  • Some people may consider the unit loud (Note: I like it, replicates white noise)

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Ooler?

I would avoid purchasing the Ooler or consider the Cube Sleep System in the below scenarios

  • If you are price sensitive and would not take advantage of the Ooler App on your phone, opt for the Cube Sleep System rather than the Ooler.
  • If you are a light sleeper and cannot stand any sort of white noise at night, understand that the Ooler does make a static white noise sound. If you are super sensitive to noises at night, you should probably consider other options.
  • The Ooler is a little larger than a standard shoe box and needs to sit next to the mattress for the system to work. If you will not be able to stand the aesthetics of the Ooler Device sitting in your bedroom, you should probably consider other options.
  • If you do not have issues sleeping because of temperature (hot or cold), there is no need for you to purchase the Ooler.

Ooler Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the half (Me version) a mattress pad for the entire mattress or just half of the mattress?
    • This has been a super confusing one for me and several other people that I have spoken to regarding the Ooler.
    • If you choose the “Me” version, the mattress pad will only cover half of the mattress. If at a later date your partner decides that he/she also wants a product from ChiliSleep, a second “Me” version will need to be purchased.
  • If I buy the half (Me version) and want to upgrade to a full mattress later, how do I do it?
    • You will have to buy a second “Me” version to get an additional unit and a mattress pad that will cover the rest of the bed.
  • Should I buy the Ooler or the Cube?
    • This is completely dependent on individual preferences and price sensitivity.
    • Those that want the best in class technology that can be controlled from a phone and minimal maintenance should opt for the Ooler.
    • Those that want to improve the quality of their sleep at a cheaper price without the technology bonuses should opt for the Cube.

Ooler Summary

ChiliSleep offers many different temperature controlled products with the overall goal of improving your quality of sleep.

The Ooler Sleep System includes a mesh mattress pad (ChiliPad) and a device that holds water. The device controls the temperature of the water and the water then flows throughout the mattress via tubes.

Overall, a highly recommend the Ooler Sleep System for hot sleepers. This is a game changer in terms of improving deep sleep and overall comfort throughout the night.

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