If you are an athlete looking to get more out of your workouts, electrolyte drinks can improve performance and help ensure proper hydration.

Drinking water and optimal hydration should be a baseline habit that you follow as part of a daily routine, but there are times where it may be necessary to supplement with an electrolyte drink mix. This is especially true in the summer time if you are spending a lot of time outdoors sweating.

Two of the best electrolyte drink mixes on the market are LMNT and Liquid IV. Both taste great and have some amazing features, but there are also a few drawbacks that we will discuss.

So which should you try between LMNT vs Liquid IV?

This article will compare LMNT to Liquid IV and help you make the decision on which one is right for you.

1st Pick

LMNT is my choice for best electrolyte mix when comparing LMNT vs Liquid IV.

LMNT tastes delicious, has only 10 calories, and has no added sugar The 11g of sugar per serving of Liquid IV is the dealbreaker for me.

2nd Pick

While I prefer LMNT, I still frequently use Liquid IV while hiking or working out.

Liquid IV has over 12 flavors, so there is a ton of variety. From a personal taste standpoint, I find Liquid IV to taste a little too sweet and I prefer the more salt heavy flavor of LMNT.

How Electrolytes Affect Athletic Performance

Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge when dissolved in water. They are essential for many bodily functions, including fluid balance, muscle contraction, heart function, and brain function. Electrolytes are also important for athletic performance, especially durring intense exercise.

When you exercise, you sweat. Sweating causes you to lose electrolytes, especially sodium, potassium, and chloride. If you don’t replace these electrolytes and have optimal hydration, you can develop an electrolyte imbalance, which can lead to fatigue, muscle cramps, and other problems.

Electrolytes affect athletic performance in a number of ways:

  • Fluid balance: When you exercise, you sweat and lose fluids. Electrolytes help to replace these fluids and prevent dehydration. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, muscle cramps, and impaired cognitive function.
  • Muscle contraction: Electrolytes help to transmit nerve signals to the muscles, which allows the muscles to contract and relax. When you exercise, your muscles work harder and need more electrolytes to function properly. If you don’t replace these electrolytes, you can develop muscle cramps and fatigue.

How to Stay Hydrated and Replenish Electrolytes

The best way to stay hydrated and replenish electrolytes is through adequate intake of fluids before, during, and after exercise. You should also eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods are good sources of electrolytes.

If you are exercising for an extended period of time or in hot weather, you may need to drink sports drinks, electrolyte supplements, or other electrolyte drinks. Sports drinks contain electrolytes, as well as carbohydrates and water. Electrolyte supplements are available in powder or tablet form.

What is LMNT?

LMNT is a electrolyte supplement that has zero sugar and is primarily made up of salt.

The formulation was created based on scientific studies that indicate athletic performance increases occur with sodium intake 2-3x government recommendations. LMNT is completely transparent and shares the science openly (chart below).

The main selling point behind LMNT is that is has zero sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and no synthetic coloring. This makes LMNT very unique compared to many electrolyte drinks.

LMNT is sold in individual to go packets or sticks that make taking it on the go super easy.

What is Liquid IV?

Liquid IV is a electrolyte beverage that promises to improve hydration and be energy multiplier . It is non-GMO and has 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks along with 5 vitamins.

Liquid IV promises to help hydrate faster than water through a process they call CTT (Cellular transport technology). This is a scientific process from Liquid IV that delivers more sodium to the body earlier in the digestive system.

The main selling point of Liquid IV is their idea of “Liquid IV Hydration multiplier”. It hydrates you faster than water, has 3x the electrolytes as sports drinks, and has added vitamins and minerals.

Liquid IV is also sold in individual to go packets or sticks.

What is the Difference Between LMNT and Liquid IV?

So you might think: “Both LMNT and Liquid IV are electrolyte powders and better than plain water..What is the difference?”

While both electrolyte drinks are working to improve performance and solve the problem of hydration, there are a few key differences.

Here are the key differences:

  • Calories: LMNT has 10 calories compared to Liquid IV with 45 calories
  • Sodium: LMNT has more sodium with 1000mg, while Liquid IV has less than half (500mg of sodium)
  • Sugar: LMNT has zero added sugar, while Liquid IV has 11g of sugar (Pure cane sugar, stevia leaf extract)
  • Vitamins: Liquid IV has vitamins and minerals added in (Vitamin C and B Vitamins). One serving of Liquid IV has more than 100% of a daily serving of Vitamin C.

Key Features of LMNT

Let’s take a look at the most important features of LMNT and also some of the potential negatives that you should be aware of.

There are a few main points to understand when researching this electrolyte drink mix.

First – LMNT is a salt forward electrolyte mix that is made of natural flavors. There is no added sugar and each stick is only 10 calories per serving.

Second – The ingredients of LMNT are incredibly simple and clean. They are simply: Salt (Sodium Chloride), Citric Acid, Magnesium/Potassium, and Stevia extract.

There are 8 different LMNT flavors ranging from citrus fruits (Lemon Lime, Orange) to chocolate (and raw unflavored), so you can get adequate hydration with a wide variety of flavors.

One of the potential downsides of LMNT to some people is that it is extremely salt heavy. While the flavors do a fantastic job of making a great taste, people that dislike the taste of salt may want to steer clear of LMNT.

Key Features of Liquid IV

Now let’s take a look at what the Liquid I.V hydration multiplier brings to the table.

Liquid IV’s main claim is that it is a superior hydration option in comparison to plain water and other sports drinks. It offers 3x the electrolytes compared to a typical sport drink like Gatorade.

A key feature of Liquid IV is that it is non-GMO and also has essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to help make it an overall healthy sports drink.

Liquid I.V offers 12 different flavors for your electrolyte needs. Flavors include concord grape, golden cherry, passion fruit, strawberry lemonade, and acai berry.

One of the potential downsides of Liquid I.V is the use of added sugars. The amount depends on the flavor, but you can expect roughly 11g of sugar per serving.

Differences in Pricing

Both LMNT and Liquid IV offer the option to make one time purchases or join a recurring membership plan for a discount.

Additionally, both LMNT and Liquid IV are available on Amazon with Prime Shipping.

How much Does LMNT Cost?

  • A 1x purchase of LMNT will be $45 for 30 servings ($1.50/serving) and is the same price on the LMNT Website or on Amazon.
  • The Subscribe & Save option takes this price down to $39 on the LMNT website and $40.50 on Amazon
  • LMNT also offers a “Insider Bundle” which is 120 servings (4 flavors) for a price of $135 for a one time purchase and $117.50 for a recurring subscription.

How much Does Liquid IV Cost?

  • A 1x purchase of Liquid IV will be approximately $24.99 for 16 servings ($1.56/serving) and is available on Amazon
  • The Subscribe & Save option is available on Amazon and offers a 10% discount

The Verdict: Is one Electrolyte Powder Better?

LMNT is an excellent option for those that do not mind salt and want a electrolyte drink with minimal calories or added sugar.

Liquid IV is a great options for someone not only looking to increase their electrolyte intake, but also increase intake of vitamins and key nutrients.

Final Verdict: LMNT vs Liquid IV

After drinking both LMNT and Liquid IV for several years, I can say with confidence that both of these electrolyte drink mix options taste delicious and significantly help with hydration.


LMNT is my choice for best electrolyte mix when comparing LMNT vs Liquid IV.

LMNT tastes delicious, has only 10 calories, and has no added sugar The 11g of sugar per serving of Liquid IV is the dealbreaker for me.

My favorite LMNT flavors are Citrus (Lemon Lime), Orange, and chocolate. I typically have 1 of the Citrus/Orange during a workout and I also enjoy mixing the chocolate with milk.

While I prefer LMNT, I still frequently use Liquid IV while hiking or working out. It’s good for variety and change of pace, but LMNT is my winner here!

Both should be considered staples in the summertime during hot weather, especially if you are exercising intensely!

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