Have you seen advertisements for mobility Apps and programs everywhere the last few years?

The idea of mobility focused training sessions has become quite common recently as people are looking to improve their performance.

While Yoga and stretching have been popular for decades, this new focus on mobility blends the two. Not quite as ritualistic as yoga, yet a bit more than just stretching.

In mid-2020, I became interested in focusing on my mobility and recovery as this is one of my biggest weaknesses. I was unable to find any quality GoWod or ROMWOD reviews online, so I decided to review them myself.

After testing GOWOD vs ROMWOD, I think there is a clear cut winner depending on who you are and what your goals are.

Below is my recommendation for best mobility app when looking at GOWOD vs ROMWOD.

**Note: ROMWOD rebranded to Pliability in 2022. References to “ROMWOD” in this article are referencing what is now known as Pliability.**

What is Best: GOWOD vs ROMWOD (Pliability)?

Both GOWOD and ROMWOD are great mobility apps that will help you work movement specific exercises into your daily habits.

With that said, I have come to find that each App has a very specific person that it will help.

Based on my experience with GOWOD vs ROMWOD, I would recommend:

Best Overall

Pliability (formerly ROMWOD) is the Best Overall option for someone looking to add specific mobility sessions to their routine and take mobility seriously.

Pliability is great for someone that enjoys digital workout classes that are narrated and continuous. The App has superior mobility testing technology as it uses video to diagnose your weaknesses.

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Best for CrossFit

GoWOD is great for someone looking to enhance their current workout schedule with workout specific warmup and recovery work (specifically CrossFitters).

This is for someone who wants to work on mobility a few minutes a day, but does not want to dedicate an entire training session (The GOWOD daily can easily be done while watching TV).

Quick Comparison: GOWOD vs ROMWOD (Pliability)

GOWODROMWOD (Pliability)
GoWod Cost:
$11.99/Month ($107.99/year)
$17.99/Month ($179.95/year)
Available On:
iOs, Google Play
Available On:
iOs, Google Play
Best For:
People looking to integrate mobility into their current workout plan. Especially Recommended for people that do CrossFit or Functional Fitness exercises.
Best For:
People looking to add dedicated mobility workouts to their weekly training plan. Especially recommended for people that enjoy digital workout classes.
– Individualized mobility routines based on weaknesses
– Workout specific warmups/cooldowns with optional equipment (Foam Rollers, PVC Pipe, Theragun)
– CrossFit focused, but would be beneficial for any person lifting weights or into functional fitness
– Individualized mobility routines based on weaknesses
– Classes are narrated with a coach
– Mobility Test technology is very cool and uses video to diagnose areas to focus on
– Very peaceful, meditative

1. ROMWOD (Pliability)

ROMWOD Review:

ROMWOD launched in 2015 as a mobility specific App in the CrossFit space.

In September of 2022, ROMWOD rebranded to Pliability. The main change was that the focus went from CrossFit to general Mobility for the common person. This is a key difference between GOWOD vs ROMWOD, as the new Pliability app branches out from CrossFit (GOWOD is very CrossFit focused).

This review is based on the most recent version as of February 2023 which is Pliability.

Much like GOWOD, upon signing up for ROMWOD you will take a mobility test to identify your focus areas.

The test is super cool and uses your camera to diagnose baseline mobility while performing two basic movements (Arms Overhead, Overhead Squat). I found the ROMWOD mobility test to be better than ROMWOD, simply because it uses your technology (video of your movements) to diagnose rather than user feedback/input.

In just a few seconds, you have a mobility score and recommendations on key areas to focus on. Interestingly enough, my #1 recommended area is my right ankle that I ironically tore a ligament in 4 weeks prior to writing this (so the test works).

After taking the mobility test, you will then go through a 7 day welcome series to orient you with the mobility focused movements. You will then take a monthly mobility test moving forward and get customized mobility training.

One important callout with ROMWOD is that the mobility sessions are continuous and narrated, almost like a digital workout program. Whereas GOWOD is a series of movements that you manually progress through, ROMWOD is a continuous session.

Additionally, ROMWOD sessions tend to be a little bit longer (20-45 minutes) and dedicated to improving your general mobility and wellbeing. When comparing GOWOD vs ROMWOD, ROMWOD is likely to be a dedicated workout whereas GOWOD can be integrated into your current workout.

Within the app, the Explore section offers:

  • Custom Sessions for you (Based on your Mobility)
  • Warm-Ups
  • Cool Downs
  • Quick Sessions

The video quality of ROMWOD is top notch and the narration is really nice. It is almost like a mix between Yoga, Meditation, and Stretching.

If you are looking to spend 20-45 minutes on dedicated mobility sessions, ROMWOD is likely the right choice for you!


2. GOWOD Review:


  • Price: $11.99/Month, $59.99 for 6 months, $107.99 for 1 year
  • CrossFit focused, but you do not have to do CrossFit to benefit from GOWOD
  • Offers a “Mobility Score” and individualized workouts focused on your weaknesses.
  • Custom pre-workout + post-workout sessions focused on the movements you did that day. If you are a CrossFit athlete, many of the most notable workouts are available to select (ex: Murph). 
  • GOWOD incorporates equipment such as foam rollers, PVC pipe, and Theragun (if you have it)
  • App has a description of exercise as well as video instructions.
  • Scaleable options are available to anyone that cannot do the exercise 
  • Timer runs in background on the app and there is no narration so you can easily do this while watching TV or listening to a Podcast.

GOWOD Review:

GOWOD offers at home mobility/recovery workouts that are individualized to you and your training needs.

While you do not have to be a CrossFit athlete to enjoy GOWOD, much of the app is CrossFit and functional fitness focused. It is especially useful for people working out in a home gym or garage gym.

My Mobility Score is 48% with Biggest Weakness as “Overhead”

When you sign up for GOWOD, you take a comprehensive mobility test to identify your baseline and what your weaknesses are. My biggest weakness is the “Overhead” movement path and my mobility score was a 48% (yikes!)

Once the baseline is established, GOWOD will provide a daily movement workout for you to follow (8 minute, 15 minute, and 22 minute sessions). The idea is to do these daily to target your weaknesses.

GOWOD Offers Individualized Mobility Sessions based on these Movement Profile

GOWOD also offers workout specific warmups and recovery sessions. You simply select what exercises you are doing that day as well as the length of the warmup/cooldown and the App produces a custom session.

One cool thing is that if you do CrossFit, many of the most notable workouts (Cindy, Murph, etc) are pre-set up. If you are CrossFit athlete, GOWOD will likely come out on top when considering GOWOD vs ROMWOD.

GOWOD also allows you to incorporate equipment (if you have it) into each session, including: Foam Rollers, PVC Pipe, and the Theragun. If you don’t have the equipment, you can simply call this out and the App won’t include exercises with those pieces of equipment.

Example of Movement Description & Video

In regards to the App itself, each exercise has a brief description as well as a video tutorial. If you are unable to do the exercise because of mobility issues, scalable options are provided for every exercise.

GOWOD sessions are simply a progression of mobility exercises that focus on your goals (Weaknesses, Warmup, or Cooldown). 

GoWod recently added functionality that allows you to create your own mobility routines based on your favorite exercises. As far as I know, GoWod is the only mobility program offering ability to create your own routines.

The app will go through the exercises with a timer, but there is no narration or background chatter. GOWOD is perfect to use while watching TV or listening to a Podcast.


**Go Wod pricing above is from February of 2023

Bottom Line:

When considering GOWOD vs ROMWOD, factor in the below:

  • If you are looking to incorporate mobility work into your current workout schedule, GOWOD is the choice for you. 
  • GOWOD is the best choice for someone looking for sessions dedicated to your specific workout (Squats, Bench Press, etc), especially if you are into CrossFit. 
  • If you prefer to do mobility dedicated sessions while doing something else (Watching TV, Listening to a Pocast), GOWOD is right for you.

Summary: GOWOD vs ROMWOD

  • GOWOD is $11.99/month and is best for someone looking to incorporate mobility into their current workout routine
  • ROMWOD is $17.99/month is best for someone looking to add dedicated mobility workouts to their routine.

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