Hi – I’m Kevin.

Ultramarathoner, Backpacker, Mountaineer, and Hybrid Athlete

I Write About Finding Fitness & Fulfillment Through Huge Annual Challenges

Here’s What I’m About..

I love spending time outdoors and optimizing my health, fitness, and wellness.

I train to accomplish 1 big objective each year, including:

  • Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • Climbing Big Mountains
  • Ultramarathons
  • Backpacking Trips
  • Fitness Competitions (CrossFit, Hyrox)

Having 1 huge goal adds purpose to my life and makes the other 364 days of the year better.

This is where I write about the key habits, routines, and products that help get me there.

2023 Focus :

  • Section Hike 150m of the Appalachian Trail (Georgia – 76m & 75m in NC/TN)
  • 365 Straight Days of Running or Rucking 10k Steps

Previous Big Wins

  • 2016: Mount Rainier (Disappointment Cleaver)
  • 2017: Grand Teton (Pownall Gilkey)
  • 2019: Mount Shasta (Casaval Ridge)
  • 2020: Mount Shuksan (Fisher Chimneys)
  • 2022: 50 Mile Ultramarathon (Cloudland Canyon)

About Me

My name is Kevin Martin and I’m obsessed with improving on a daily basis while tackling increasingly larger goals each year. 

Due to the busy nature of my career, I have spent the last decade learning how to optimize my lifestyle for maximum output in all areas of my life. 

Health, training, and nutrition are my primary personal interests and I’m always looking for ways to optimize my wellbeing. 

I have tested hundreds of tactics and strategies to improve my health/wellbeing and this website is a summary of what I have learned!